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To psychologically deepen yoga and improve students' actual lives

Some years into practicing yoga I became bored and pissed off with “traditional” approaches. While I’d found yoga relaxing and good for my health, I wanted my human pretzeling to directly impact what matters most to me: MY LOVED ONES AND MY LIFE. Though I was surrounded by strong and flexible people in great leggings, I noticed it wasn’t always the case that benefits transferred from the studio into people’s outside lives. Painfully, I realised that yoga as typically done, rarely impacts people’s relationships to money, sex, confidence, parenting, or any of the day-to-day matters of being human. Let’s face facts, downwards dog doesn’t bloody cut it, and there’s way too many yoga-wankers, - something is missing.

Mark Walsh

Mark Walsh

EYP Founder

I asked myself - how can we do yoga in a way that changes our lives and not just our hamstrings? Well, I began to notice that if we’re paying attention, asana could reveal some pretty cool stuff. I was learning that the body can be a key way to develop ourselves if done intelligently. It became clear that poses could be used for insight and to guide our lives - kind of yoga as self-coaching. I found that the body wisdom that sometimes spills out in practice, could be greatly enhanced. Not only that, but it could be done in and in a way that was both “Western and deep”. This body wisdom could be available for everyone - for people who eat cake not light, don’t live in Bali, and aren’t into unicorn horn fellatio. 

Combining modern postural yoga with other practices, myself and a group of BS-weary senior yoga teachers created Embodied Yoga Principles (EYP). Since then we have tested it, fine-tuned it and made something genuinely original. In a world of people sticking feathers up their pretty arses pretending to be spiritual chickens, you may even find it refreshing.

We’ve now trained facilitators across 20+ countries, annoying many breathy-voiced fake gurus, skinny Instagram girls, and old-school yoga fascists along the way. I’ve always wanted to make EYP available to people online, who may not be able to get to a face-to-face training -; so here it is, crystal-shaggers! Lovingly created by myself, a fancy film crew, and my dearest geek colleague V. Take a look - hell, if you made it this far without getting triggered, you’re probably a good fit. 

-  Mark Walsh, Brighton 2020

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You may love this training if you want to:

  • Learn practical tools to psychologically enrich your yoga teaching
  • Help students to access their yoga learning in their whole lives - to improve work, intimacy, parenting, money and more
  • Learn a bunch of new poses (some novel EYP postures are below)
  • Become certified in a growing methodology
  • Enrich your current style of yoga with a fresh perspective. EYP is genuinely innovative and can also be incorporated into whatever you already practice

Suitable for:

  • Yoga teachers of any style looking to add greater depth, pragmatism and breadth to their teaching
  • Yogis looking to be able to teach EYP classes (qualification details below) or add it to what you already do (you can do this right away, without certification)
  • Yogis who care about the world and want to make it better (or else what the f**k is the point??!!)
  • Experienced yogis wanting a new dimension of practice
  • Those up for looking deeply at themselves
  • People with a sense of humour (vital for the training)
  • People looking to join a diverse community of teachers working non-dogmatically and creatively

Not suitable for:

  • New-agers (take. the crystal. from. your bum).
  • Yoga fundamentalists (those who’ve “drunk the Kool Aid” of one style and aren’t open to innovation)
  • Body beautiful yogis (people that care more about their appearance than depth)
  • People currently suffering from active mental health conditions - jokes aside, EYP can be quite full-on to learn so we don’t recommend it if you’re having a rough time right now
  • Deepen


  • learn

     practical skills

  • Open doors

    for your career

  • Qualify

    Be an EYP teacher

  • Learn

    at your own pace

  • No

    travel costs

  • Stand out

    as a teacher

  • Fun

    international community


  • Learn at your own pace, in your own home, through a clear easy-to-use platform
  • Develop professionally and affordably without travel costs or increasing carbon footprint
  • Join a supportive, fun, international community - plenty of chances to ask questions and connect with real people

What the training is

This online training consists of stuff that you can't get elsewhere.

pro videos

100+ videos

High quality professional shizzle

posture guide optimised

Clear posture guide

video mix

Diverse content

 Practical guidance, tuition & workshops

Course features

eyp online course

Easy to use online learning

This course consists of a simple online system with clear modules and straightforward navigation. You can track your course progress (so you know where you are) and tick things off. You don't need to be a tech geek to use it.

EYP Facebook group

Private Facebook group

There’s a lively and active group on Facebook for anyone who has done a teacher training with us, online or in person. This is a great place to learn from experienced teachers, share marketing tips and events, reflect on your own process, and to connect with the global EYP community. Unlike most Facebook groups it isn't an utter waste of time.

community calls

Free regular community calls

Opportunities for questions with senior EYP teachers, further learning (different topics each month) and community shenanigans. EYP teachers are nicer than yoga teachers who wear fancy leggings - fact!

New yoga poses

 EYP helps with such things as boundaries (saying “no”), intimacy, vulnerability, passion, humour, inspiration, money (most of us have “stuff” around this!) being seen (this tends to come up around marketing and sexuality), leadership, and a load more themes not common to the average asana class!

This training includes all 26 poses from the EYP system taught in-depth. 

Here are a few examples.

Enthusiasm pose

-to explore passion

Taking up space
Taking up space pose

-to explore being visible

No pose

-to explore setting boundaries

Self care
Self-care pose

-to explore looking after ourselves

Giving and receiving
Giving + receiving

-to explore your relationships

Authority - copy
Authority pose

-to explore status + social power

Yes pose

-to explore being open

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Taking up space
Self care
Giving and receiving
Authority - copy
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Different types of videos

jane dancey warrior

Personal experiential videos

To guide you through a deep personal experience of the EYP poses.
26 videos


Technical teaching videos

Practical guides to teaching EYP poses.
26 videos

Emboided yoga principles teacher training October 2018-39 copy

Themed workshop videos

Examples of themed mini-workshops including partner work, group work and deep process work.
6 videos

Mark and Vidyadasa

Explanatory videos

Good looking senior teachers share their personal experience to guide your learning.
12 videos

mor einfo

Embodiment & EYP theory

The underlying theory of embodiment and what makes EYP work.
6 videos


EYP + yoga styles

EYP combined with various styles of yoga - hatha, vinyasa, yin, restorative, partner, acroyoga.
8 videos

Accompanying e-books

Making yoga more meaningful

Making yoga more meaningful

Theory basics - focusing on taking yoga off your mat into your life.

working with normal people a guide for yogis

Working with normal people

How to not talk crap and help more people.

Centring why mindfulness isnt enough e-book cover

Centring - why mindfulness alone isn't enough

Getting it together under pressure.


Core teachers on the training

Mark Walsh delivers the majority of the training, Vidyadasa is the course administrator, and they’re supported by a gaggle of senior EYP teachers.

Mark Walsh

Mark Walsh

EYP Founder

Mark founded EYP after 20 years of yoga (especially Scaravelli, yin and hatha approaches). He also founded The Embodiment Conference, The Embodied Facilitator Course, and The Embodiment Podcast. He has an Aikido black belt, and psychology honours degree. He has worked in over 50 countries. He isn’t a proper yoga teacher and doesn’t even know Sanskrit.



EYP Senior Teacher / Course admin

V is a proper hatha yoga teacher and Buddhist meditation instructor. He organises web content for live and online events (including Meditation Embodied and The Embodiment Conference),  is a father, and author of 'Mindful Thoughts for Fathers', and a web designer.

Karin Van Maanen

Karin Van Maanen

EYP Senior Teacher

British Wheel of Yoga accredited yoga teacher trainer, Tibetan Buddhist, Hatha Yoga Teacher, Mindfulness Teacher, MSc Mindfulness Studies.

Canterbury, UK

Tess Howell

Tess Howell

EYP + 5 Rhythms Teacher

EYP + 5Rhythms Teacher specialising in working outdoors. Contemporary dance producer. Creativity coach. SpiritRock Dharma Yoga Facilitator.

California, USA and UK.

Jane Dancey

Jane Dancey

EYP Senior Teacher

Embodiment Coach, Rites for Girls Facilitator, empowering women and girls through transitions of menarche to menopause and beyond.

Eastbourne, UK

Mayan Patel

Mayan Patel

Vinyasa Flow Teacher

Yoga teacher and community organiser, focuses on increasing wellbeing and social-emotional intelligence for entrepreneurs and freelancers.

London, UK

Jamie Abrams

Jamie Abrams

EYP Senior teacher

Founder of Embodied Badassery. Erotic Blueprint Coaches, Embodied Facilitator. 20 years experience teaching yoga, facilitating and coaching people internationally. 

Chichester, UK & USA

ciara collins atkins

Ciara Collins Atkins

EYP teacher

Restorative, Yin, Hatha yoga teacher, draws from Dance Movement Psychotherapy, degree in Contemporary Dance.


Pilar Corcuera Botana

Pilar Corcuera Botana

EYP teacher

Therapeutic yoga instructor. Creator of photo galleries of Yoga for your daily life and yoga for your mornings video series in Spanish. NLP Coach.

Canary Islands, Spain

Bonus content

Total value of bonuses $250

EYP Vinyasa flow Mayan Patel

Vinyasa flow with EYP

2 EYP influenced vinyasa flow classes with Mayan Patel.

Emboided yoga principles teacher training October 2018-51 copy 2

Restorative yoga with EYP

An EYP-esque restorative yoga class with Ciara Collins Atkins.

yoga for your life 2 recordings copy

Yoga for your life online event

See a bunch more EYP teachers blending the work with their style.
sex love intimacy new 2 copy 2

Yoga for sex, love & intimacy

3 hours of recorded videos from this live EYP event.

beyond nice embody your no daniela sml

Embody your No

2 x 3 hours of recordings of 2 live EYP events.

intro to trauma eyp tt

Introduction to trauma

90-minute webinar.

Mark Walsh & Roger Mills

The depth psychology of asana ebook cover Mark Walsh 250px copy

The depth psychology of asana e-book

– getting yoga off the mat.

By Mark Walsh – 40 pages


embodiment book

The Embodiment Book e-book

Toolkit of practical tips, illustrative poems and deeply personal stories to help you to reconnect.

By Mark Walsh 


the embodiment conference logo2020-Recovered copy

Embodiment Conference 2018 - Yoga videos

10 yoga videos from international teachers including Peter Blackaby, Tara Judelle, Lisa Petersen, Julie Martin, Christopher Wallis, Christopher Gladwell, and Darya Pepelyaeva.




Course breakdown

How does it work?

Generally, each module requires you to watch videos, reflect on learning, and make notes for yourself.

You can post questions or comments to the private Facebook group for EYP teachers and trainees, and can attend regular community video calls.

Would you like a sneak preview?

We would like to try to ensure that you know what you will get when you join the training, and how the content is structured. Watch this video about the online course system to get you a feel of how it works.

Each module has a series of videos and text, and reflections on your learning, many have accompanying PDF documents.

If you would like more information you can see a breakdown of the modules.


Summary of the EYP Online Teacher Training

  • 100+ videos
  • 26 experiential videos to guide you personally
  • 26 technical videos to help you teach the poses
  • Live recorded themed workshops
  • Videos on embodiment theory
  • Videos on safety, ethics, trauma awareness
  • Regular live video community calls
  • Private facebook group for teachers and trainees
  • Opportunities for Q and A's
  • One to one call with senior teacher (included)
  • Join an international community of teachers


 (bonuses normally sold for £200 if bought separately)

  • Restorative yoga video
  • Vinyasa flow videos
  • Videos from Yoga for your life online event
  • Videos from Yoga for sex, love & intimacy event
  • Yoga videos from Embodiment Conference 2018
  • Special offers on mentorings with senior EYP teachers
  • 3 free e-books on centring, yoga

what people say

What some experienced yoga teachers have gained from EYP

Any questions?

If you have questions before enrolling you can contact me.



Course administrator, web designer + EYP Teacher

Alllriggghhtt (thats Scottish for hello). I will be your training course administrator, I have set up this online learning system for your benefit, and will be here to help you, every step of the way. I'm on the other end of an email, whats app message, video call or send a raven if you prefer. If you have any issues you can contact me and I will respond swiftly.

Arrange a call?

Phone call, or video call using Zoom or Skype.

Chat on Whats App.

Or ask questions later!

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