Qualification as an EYP Teacher

Notes on qualification given

If you would like to teach EYP classes, or workshops after the training, you should also have a recognised 200hr yoga teaching qualification or equivalent as a minimum. We may make further personal development recommendations to qualify as a full EYP teacher.

Being an EYP teacher requires considerable emotional maturity and facilitation skills quite different from regular asana classes and we take this seriously. It is not guaranteed you will pass to the level of full EYP teacher qualification, and if you do, there are certain ethical and branding standards for EYP teachers (available on request). All participants will learn elements of EYP, however, that they can incorporate into existing classes that they teach.

Information about certification

The training will equip you with skills to apply Embodied Yoga Principles to your existing style of yoga practice and teaching, it will also give you a whole new range of postures and possibilities as a teacher to add layers of psychological depth and insight into the way you teach.

We are keen to give people an opportunity to inquire deeply within themselves and explore the practice of ethics, as teachers, and the relationship between what we do in practice and teaching and how we can positively affect the world around us.

How do you qualify

You will need to watch all the videos in the modules, and the personal reflections and required reading.

There is a series of personal experiential videos where we instruct you through the main 26 poses (and a few variations) you will be required to practice these regularly over a period of two months (we recommend 4 or 5 poses a day - even just for a few minutes can help create understanding and establish a practice).

This is followed by a technical series, where you are guided through all the technical details of the postures in order to be able to teach the poses to people.

Your teaching practice requires you to offer a minimum of 8 hours teaching experience in the form of at least 2 x 2hr EYP workshops and 4 x 1hr regular yoga classes (or longer) that integrate aspects and principles of EYP.

After each teaching practice you can post your teaching reflections on your teaching experience into the private facebook group, these are often accompanied by photos (you can also just email these to the course administrator if preferred but it is helpful and mutually inspiring for the community to see people's practice).

In the completion module you will be requested to upload photos of yourself (or someone you have guided) in EYP poses through the main 26 poses to be seen by a senior EYP teacher for feedback and discussion, to help your learning. This is good practice and can also be helpful for your future publicity efforts.

You will have a video call conversation with Vidyadasa at this point to see if you are ready to qualify, or if we think there is any further work to be done to get you ready for taking EYP out into the world.

If you are ready to qualify then you will be emailed your certificate and have a celebration on the next community call, and your information and bio can be added to the EYP website so people can find you and contact you.

Anyone can learn and teach Embodied Yoga Principles as it is now open-source however if you would like to be listed as one of the official EYP Teachers then you will need to have an existing yoga qualification and insurance.